An introduction to Maria London 

A warm welcome to Maria London your personal wedding planner. We are very excited to bring you one of the most exciting brands in the Bangladeshi Wedding industry.  We developed the brand in response to a changing marketplace, a changing clientele and an evolving industry. A new wave of young professional bride and groom desired a professional and a service based paradigm instead of what was always a price driven model. A different approach was needed, a shift from the old to a new way of thinking bought about our personal wedding planning and management service, which has been well-received and has inspired many other wedding vendors to follow suite.

For the past 3 years we've been on a roller-coaster journey. What started as an idea, a vision to change, enhance and modernise the Bangladeshi wedding industry,   turned to a successful paradigm that clients were welcoming all across the country and were very receptive to our new ideals.

Our success did not come without numerous challenges and confronting many difficulties but we stayed true to our belief and to our commitment. 

We worked extremely hard over the years to build a robust brand with a reputation that stands for innovation, professionalism and quality.  This hard work was rewarded; we were noticed by the wider community and in 2019 achieved 'Caterer of the Year'. We've been very proud of our achievement and contribution in modernising and developing professional services for the industry and for inspiring clients and wedding vendors to push the ideal of quality led services.

Abdul Aziz

Welcome from the founder

What we provide?

Simply.....we provide an 'Experience' like non-other!

From the moment of arrival, the canapes and drink, smiles and mingling with guest to hosting the event and serving tasty and well presented food, it all goes towards making the experience a pleasant one, a unique one, a Maria London one!


Your Experience matters

From the first enquiry to the final farewell we are with you throughout the entire process; we want you to be stress-free and let us take care of your day. You will be assigned your own personal wedding planner; not just anyone but our founder himself who will be at hand throughout the entire process. Unlike other's we don't overbook our services; to maintain our quality and brand ethos we have a limited number of wedding we take on throughout the year - and we never book two weddings a day.  Your wedding day should be exclusive: just one wedding, your wedding and Maria London. 

Our Services

Our services include:

Wedding Planning:  Your wedding plan is developed with you, from drawing your floor plans, developing your itinerary and working your logistic.

Catering: We work exclusively with Royal Dhaba Caterers, a company who has been the award winning caterer behind the success of Maria London. Food quality, taste and presentation are essential components of our catering team.

Decor:  We work with a multitude of decorators both high end and mid-range to suit your needs and requirements. We can advise you on colours, decor ideas and matching themes and match them with your budget.


When you book us we take the stress away from you , letting you concentrate on the more important aspect of getting married! 

Hosting: One of our unique service is our event hosting service. What is hosting? as a host you take care of your guests whilst they are in your care. Similarly in a wedding we take care of the needs of your guests. The only difference is there are 100s of guest so we use the Mic to communicate with the guests, informing them of all the days services. 

The other aspect of hosting is to manage your day, to ensure your timing is kept as close to the itinerary, arrival times, ceremonial times and the sequence of the day is maintained.

The final aspect of the host is to manage your family photo session at the very end. So that's calling your family members on the stage in a chronological order based on the list provided from both sides. 

Our Services Continued.... 

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